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DACTYL stands for Delta Autumn Clinical Technologies that Y'all Love. “Y'all” owes to our Southern roots, and also communicates the informal tone of our products. They are efficient, reasonably priced, and designed to solve problems that we encounter every day in our work as healthcare providers and business owners.

Specifically, DACTYL addresses two huge difficulties in healthcare services. The first is simple communication with other providers. How many times have you wrestled with a fax machine to try to get a referral or signed copy of records to another provider and thought “there has got to be a better way to do this…” (along with a few other choice words about using a FAX MACHINE in the 21st century)? There usually isn't, though, unless you're lucky enough that the other office happens to use the same EHR as you (and even then it doesn't always work). The DACTYL system is designed with these frustrations in mind and makes it easy to communicate with other providers, upload files, and request the particular information you need (all of which is HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant).

The second difficulty DACTYL helps solve is the challenge of finding adequately qualified specialist providers when your patients are in need of a referral. DACTYL walks you through a guided system of questions to identify qualified providers, and gives you a secure, efficient method of transferring referral information. The communication functions that are built into the system also give you instant updates about changes in patient status, meaning you don't have to wonder whether or not the other office received your request (because, you know, fax machines are not the most reliable method of communication).

You might be asking yourself “self, this all seems really great, so why are they givin' it away for free for 6 months…?” That's a good question, and one that has a very simple answer. We're a small group making a new product that the healthcare industry has never seen. We need users to make the network we're trying to build viable, and feedback from those users to ensure that we make products y'all will truly love. We figured we could accomplish both of these things if we get you to try it out for an extended period of time, and if we do our jobs right then a whole lotta y'all will be hooked forever.